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Landmark Changes in Life and Vedic Astrology

Life-transition and change simpliciter:

In life, we often place great importance on times of landmark changes in life, or life-transitions, and since Vedic astrology is concerned with this life and everything connected with it, these life-transitions become an important area of focus and investigation in this spiritual art.

It is often that the individual asks, ‘when will things change and in what way’, and more infrequently in times of great fulfillment, ‘how long will this great streak continue, and what follows after this’.

A life-transition is a larger concept than that of mere change, as changes are implicit at smaller levels, in general life itself. They may be notable or may not be notable, but a life-transition is an alteration of the very framework in which existence continues. Needless to say then, it is a fundamental factor in life which alters directions, areas of focus, ways of thinking and being, goals and ambitions in any permutation and combination depending upon the placements in the various charts in the Vedic horoscope.

Life-transitions and Vedic astrology:

Since life-transitions, and all significant changes, are essentially dynamic concepts, the foremost tool with which to study these is also the dynamic facet of the various and numerous Dasha (periodicity) systems in Vedic Astrology. Since they capture these momentous changes, Dashas do so by changing themselves, and thus the frequent refrain ‘my Dasha has changed’. ‘Dasha’, the word means ‘state of being’ and it is self-evident that changes in the state of our being, and that of matters around us in our lives, are well reflected in the changing Dashas.

But this is not to say that these momentous changes are captured by the changing Dashas only; to be sure, there are numerous other factors in classical Jyotisha which are to be used to understand the unraveling of the Karmic fabric during this life. One such is the age of maturity of the Grahas (planets) and the Bhavas (houses). Others such as that age of maturity of planets in conspicuous Yogas such as the Kala-Sarpa Yoga and the Kala-Amrita Yoga are highly pertinent and can override Dashas in some cases.

It is also to be remembered that there are scores of Dasha systems in Vedic astrology and often we are to use more than one system to gauge the precise nature and tenor of the changes that are to manifest in life. It is true that Vimshottari Dasha is universally applicable to all charts in the Kaliyuga but the other systems can be at least equally, if not more efficacious, given the specifics of a particular horoscope.

Consider for a moment, the deterministic Padakrama Dasha or the Narayana Dasha which is a Dasha of signs, rather than planets. It brings changes in the environment itself within which we live and function. If life-transition appears to be at hand, the change in environment and its duration can be a very significant tool with which to understand such changes. The various other Nakshatra Dashas taught by Parashara and the other classical writers are no less important; some of these apply only in certain specified set of planetary placements and other features in the horoscope. They are also to be used for specific purposes and can majorly aid the understanding of deep changes in life. 

What this means, exactly:

The foregoing discussion means that with the change in Dasha, the influence of a particular planet or sign changes. That of one planet or sign may cease and another may begin to operate. Technically, in the Dashas, they do cease and commence, but the word ‘may’ is used to account for the varying levels in the strength of the planet and of the signs. As far as the planets are concerned, this aspect is covered by the subject of Bala (strength) and is one of the most major parts of traditional Jyotisha. 

There are deep secrets here, which is why elaboration was omitted from the otherwise exhaustive depictions of all the things that go on to comprise the Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis ( The reason for giving technical details in this paper is to indicate all the things which form this very deep study of the horoscope. While the Detailed Chart Analysis itself is an exhaustive and advanced study of the charts in the horoscope, at the Advanced level, the understanding of life through a still far deeper investigation of the Karma, rises exponentially as a construct of the various colours of Karma. This is of great value for contemporary life owing to its complexity and thus when we use practically all the knowledge available in the works of Parashara to embark on this ambitious project, for it is nothing less, then we are truly one with the Karmic code of our present existence.  

Still, the main takeaway from this paper thus far, for the reader is that if the lord of the Dasha of a period which is to commence or has just commenced is strong then its impact will be felt in full and if this planet should be concerned with matters quite different from the lord of the preceding Dasha, then very significant changes in life will follow.    

Nakshatra Dashas are concerned with how the mind interprets the stimuli coming from the society but if these are conditional Nakshatra Dashas then life-transitions have to be viewed through the prism of specific things that these Dashas are concerned with.

Similarly, the more fated and deterministic environmental aspects of the change are to be seen from the Rashi Dashas. If the Dasha Rashi is ruled by a strong planet or houses a strong planet and Bhava from the Lagna, and is different in inclination from the preceding Dasha of another sign, then too the focus of life shall change in the way situations present themselves, and the context in which they do so.

Just as a particular way of being is attaining culmination, and another is set to commence, we are in a time, the quality of which is termed Dasha Chhidra. This is like a strainer through which the current quality is seeping out and the new one is coming in. It is curious to see the way in which it manifests in horoscope. It works like the flipping of an electric switch and the environment changes. It is a delicate time and is to be navigated with knowledge and awareness for it lays the groundwork for a possible more extensive homogenous period. 

Many of you have experienced the great efficacy and utility of the Tithi Pravesha Cakra Analysis, which is highly relevant tool to understand and work with landmark changes in life. Tithi is comprised of the Jala Tattwa, the element of flow governing, flux, social interaction, finances, well-being, relationships and such crucial factors. A competent way to understand the working of this device is that even Antaradashas are quite long and the entire duration is not composed of identical themes and events. A more accurate portrayal of what is likely to come to pass is derived through the annual horoscope, especially in view of its core areas of operation. 

As we start thinking at deeper levels, we will unravel a myriad factors,  which are pertinent in context of life transitions. The transits, especially of the major outer planets, Jupiter and Saturn, the Karmic Nodes, Rahu and Ketu and of dominant Dasha planets cannot be overlooked. At this website, there are numerous works detailing the vast impact of the Saturn transits and the Jupiter transits.

Then there is the question of considering the correct fulcrum or reference point amongst the Sun, Moon and the Lagna. There is a whole system of Jyotisha which emanates simply from the luminaries and if not expressly in every work written, then inwardly and for proper insight into major components of life, such as wealth, purpose of life, health, contributions to the world, innate traits to fulfill destiny, opportunities and so on and so forth. In fact, when we use Yogas in higher works, they become crucially relevant when reckoned from the luminaries as they are the royalty amongst the cabinet of the Grahas and generally tend to hold overarching  sway over matters. When we speak of significant or landmark changes in life, we cannot overlook this aspect.

I have always emphasized the great role of the Arudha Padas in nativities simply because the great Parashara has given so much time and space to this topic. How could it be otherwise, for we learn that these are but the precipitates of the metaphysics inherent in the various Bhavas or houses from the Lagna. That which is risen and manifest is what is considered by the world and since we are in the world, the Arudhas are or primary importance. Some crucial facets pertaining to the Arudhas have advisedly not been released in the public domain, including in the paper cited above, and are being given privately in consulting either exclusively on this aspect, or expressly including this aspect.

The finer details and specifics in distinct areas of life come only through an independent as well as correlated study of the divisional charts or the Vargas Chakras. By definition, landmark changes or life-transitions must occur in given area (s) of life and if that be so then these must be unraveled through the relevant divisions in the Vedic horoscope.

One could go on and on if it were not for the usual constraints of time and space, the continuum which prescribes and circumscribes.

In one horoscope, a long Dasha for example, came to an end and as it usually happens, in the Dasha Chhidra, a latent dissatisfaction peaked and led to decision-making which tied in perfectly with the onset of the new Dasha. Since the very variables and the substratum which would go on to define the new reality were changing in various ways, this was a difficult time. The new realities were ostensibly better than the old but then Saturn was transiting crucial references in the horoscope, including the Arudha Padas. So, this tied in with the essential vulnerability of initial change. What decided the course of events in the interim, were challenging Tithi Pravesha Cakra in succession over three years. While the change was challenging, Karma sometimes has reasons for a particular design over a specific time-period. If things happen slowly, and with challenges, but lead to good or better things than before, then it is often to further smelt base metal into a precious one, and to prepare the recipient with humility for the blessings that are to unfold, or are unfolding even simultaneously with the slow burn. It is in this manner that life inflections are properly examined.

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A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A Good Example of Neechabhanga or Cancellation of Debilitation

A  Study in Vedic Astrology Transits

Anurag Sharma

Table of Contents

With Mercury debilitated in transit currently in Pisces, it may have given cause for concern that rationality and the numerous skills, associated with the protean planet, would go askew. A debilitated planet or Neecha Graha is at its lowest ebb and as a rule of thumb, predisposed to furnishing challenging results. It is said to be a fish that dirties the pond.  
However, Mercury is not alone in Pisces but is joined Venus.  Venus is exalted in the sign Pisces and is predisposed to giving its best results since its highest aspirations find fulfillment in the sign of the sages. However, Venus too has a complexity which must be noted and that is its retrograde motion at the present time. Not only does the planet appear to be going backwards in time but is liable to precipitate events laced with the past or actually emanating from the past. Venus governs relationships of a particular sort and also everything that glitters in the created world. Furthermore, the lordships of Venus and house placement during transit, not just from the Ascendant but also the Arudha Lagna, would become germane in pronouncing the results of the phenomena.

Retrograde planets tend to act from the sign opposite to their station. Venus acts, therefore, from Virgo, its sign of debility. So, while it cancels the debilitation of the conjoined Mercury, its own results will be that of a debilitated planet.  Mercury will work excellently- reception of knowledge and wisdom, learning, expressing, executing skills, and such related matters will shine at their best. Venus, and matters of the romantic heart in general, must travel through a less than glittering pond.

To add to the melee, we find that Mercury is in exchange with a retrograde Jupiter. In effect, Mercury is acting from its sign is exaltation due to the exchange with the greatest benefic and is therefore giving excellent results, especially to those with a powerful Mercury in the nativity.

Jupiter, both due to the retrogression and the Parivartana Yoga with Mercury is acting from Pisces, its own sign and is therefore at the apex of benign grace. People of significant learning in all walks of life are the ones to approach during this transit arrangement.
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Saturn Transit in Sagittarius from January 26, 2017 in Vedic Astrology: Its Impact and Implications in the Context of Your Life

Prelude to Saturn (Shani) Transit in Vedic (sidereal) Sagittarius (Dhanusha):
The Saturn (Shani) transit in Sagittarius (Dhanusha) begins on January 26, 2017 in the evening (IST). This is a significant event like no other because Shani (Saturn) is the great malefic and human being born to address Karma which was hitherto not forgiven, leading to the present birth, must adhere to the principal planet indicating that Karma.
In other words, for you, it is of utmost importance to see where the malefic aspect of the Karma resides during any given transit, to better determine and presence, and of course the absence of suffering.
This transit has to be judged primarily from the Lagna, or the Udaya Lagna, or the rising sign (Ascendant) at the time of birth. But the judgment of the transit from the Arudha Lagna (all external realities in life) and the Moon (emotional and societal realities) is no less significant. If you are aware of these reference points in your own Vedic horoscope, then that is just as well.
Saturn Transit From Scorpio to Sagittarius:
Saturn has been transiting in Scorpio, which is an inimical sign for it, being ruled by its enemy Mars. In Scorpio, Saturn has been very afflicted, forced to reside in a territory governed by its arch-enemy. In fact it is Mars which debilitates Saturn in its other sign Aries. Saturn in its weakness while controlling the quantum of suffering has also been giving poor results pertaining to its own signs Capricorn and Aquarius. Work and profession, finances and gains and other areas ruled specifically for individual horoscopes may thus have not been giving the results they otherwise might have been expected to.
But Saturn in Sagittarius is a very different story altogether. It is Saturn who debilitates the lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter, in its own sign Capricorn, and in Sagittarius, Saturn works in the informed environs of Jupiter.
Saturn is not known for intellectual work and for the high flight of the mind. It is known for plodding, labour-intensive work. Sagittarius is the high-water mark of the metaphysical mind. It is associated with religion and the essence of the law. It is associated with formal learning at the higher levels.
There, then, appears to be a fundamental mismatch again, in the energies of Sagittarius and Saturn. There are differences though: Saturn and Jupiter are not inimical as are Saturn and Mars, and further, Saturn has a higher aspect to it, which is that he is Shasta, or the knower of the Shastra. If the higher aspect of Saturn were to be invoked, then its transit in Sagittarius promises to be a much better time than it was during its stay in Scorpio. In fact, Parashara himself is closely associated with Saturn.
Still, unless one is capable of, and able to transcend, Saturn is ignorance and defeat while Sagittarius is operational or functional knowledge, and optimism. The paradox is clear. The lower or base functions of Saturn, namely sloth, disinterest and refusal to accede to belief, might interfere with the glowing willingness of Sagittarius. The active impulse always comes from the planet while the sign furnishes the field of play.

Planetary Aspects of Saturn in Sagittarius to Other Signs:
The full aspects of Saturn are being considered here as the partial aspects are too advanced considering the scope of this paper. Partial aspects, while crucial, are used in the Advanced Detailed Chart Analysis.
While the impact of Saturn on the sign Sagittarius will be major owing to the transit of the great malefic in it, the aspects of Saturn are renowned for their potential to cause suffering and other problems.
The Aspect of Transit Saturn to Aquarius:
 While Saturn is the owner of Kumbha Rashi or Aquarius, these things matter little to Saturn and he is quite egalitarian when it comes to infusing pain, suffering, loss, defeat and other such delectable high-water marks of life.
Aquarius gets hit dominantly with mental turmoil and since all pain and happiness are felt in the mind, this is a time when some major Karma could fructify, and which is directly associated with the sign Aquarius in the horoscope. There is a problem with Aquarius in that it is ruled by Rahu as well and in the negative, the matters connected with this Rashi can be replete with suffering and problems. It is also the natural Badhaka sign in the zodiac and unforeseen obstacles can crop up due to this.
We must be clear that the sign Aquarius exists in the zodiac and therefore governs life portfolios in any given horoscope. Hence, it is not just people with Aquarius Lagna or Rashi or those who may have the Arudha Lagna in the sign, who are going to face this challenge, but everyone, to the extent Aquarius influences the horoscope.
In the positive Aquarius has the maximum potential for growth and hedonism. It can make one cross the boundaries which shackle life, both in the literal and the figurative sense. With the acute focus of the mind coming to Aquarius, people could see very path-breaking events also manifesting in the realm of Aquarius, especially if they are able to do what Saturn asks- focus, and work very hard mentally on the matters that are shown by Aquarius in the chart.
When the transit starts, Venus is practically at the end of Aquarius in its 30th degree, and is joined Ketu. The aspect of Saturn in such a scenario can render marital and relationship issues very difficult for a few days till Venus moves to Pisces and attains exaltation; especially after traversing one degree of longitude of arc, this vulnerability pertaining to Venus will abate. Those who are suddenly filled with thoughts in the nature of ‘Of what use are the pleasures of this world’ should wait for a few days and the feeling is likely to pass.
The Aspect of Transit Saturn to Gemini:
Saturn indicates dirt and pollution of all sorts coming through from Karma, and is charged with the responsibility of delivering these in a somewhat communist mindset: from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Gemini is easily dirtied and Saturn will aspect this sign with its full 7th House aspect. When dirt emanates from the glance of an old man, it makes him a dirty old man, with a variety of implications. Those with Gemini occupying a sensitive house from the Lagna, especially in this respect, need to be mindful of this. Gemini is the 3rd House of the natural zodiac and is vulnerable to the occasional less-than-desirable influence in this direction. Since it is ruled by Mercury, and since these matters are sometimes prefaced, and sometimes aided and abetted by communications, the latter need to be carefully scrutinised prior to dispatch. Not only this, the overall quality, intent and purport of the communications are also to be carefully monitored. A lot depends on the matters governed by the sign Gemini in any given horoscope.  
The Aspect of Transit Saturn to Virgo:
Virgo, the other, more pragmatic and functional sign of Mercury also receives the special and full 10th House aspect of Saturn from Sagittarius.
Virgo has Jupiter transiting in the sign and while the aspect of Saturn is to Jupiter, owing to the Parivartana Yoga of Jupiter with Mercury, the latter being in Sagittarius, the aspect of Saturn actually goes to Mercury.
Mercury is exalted in Virgo and all Mercurial activity is flourishing due to the exchange of signs between Jupiter and Mercury. It is the ingress of Saturn into the sign Sagittarius which alters matters and the 10th House aspect of Saturn comes to Mercury. In the positive, instead of meandering through the course due to exaltation, the brilliance of Mercury becomes disciplined and focussed due to the stern gaze of the malefic Saturn. In actual fact, the blessings of Mercury will be diverted to serious work and the output of professionals may increase even though they may feel oppressed and constricted with the pressures of work.
In the negative, Saturn is the worst planet when Virgo becomes the point of reference because Virgo has its focus on purity while Saturn has its focus on dirt and pollution. The contradiction is more severe and telling than is the case with the other sign of Mercury. Another points comes through from the higher terrains of Vedic Astrology which is that when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin, and they must be taken to do so owing to the exchange of signs between Jupiter and Mercury, then in case of fights and adversity, it is a conflict which subsists right to the finish line and both parties stand to suffer equally great damage. This is all the more so because Sagittarius is a sign of war and situations of conflict will find escalation here. Therefore people with this sign activated or prominent in the horoscope would do well to exercise prudence especially till the exchange between Jupiter and Mercury ends.
Transit Chart for Saturn in Sagittarius:  
The Vedic astrology chart for the entry of Saturn in the sign Sagittarius on January 26, 2017 is given below:

Impact of the Saturn Transit on Various Lagna (Ascendants) and Other Reference Points in the Vedic Horoscope:
Saturn is a slow-moving planet and is actually called Manda (slow) for this reason. Its influence is slow and lasting and further, infuses slowness into the lives of people in different ways due to its influence.
Lagna: A Fundamental Reference for Judging the Saturn Transit
It is from the Lagna that the transits of the planets have the greatest significance. When it comes to Saturn, it is of course renowned for the Sade-Sati or the 7 ½ years’ transit on and around the natal Moon, but even so, it is the Lagna which furnishes the most important reference since if natal Karma itself is going to be triggered by the transit then it is best reckoned from the Ascendant. It is not to say that the judgment of the transit from the Arudha Lagna is any less important. Not in the least. It is just that the different reference points show different results and realities obtaining in the life of the person owing to the transit of Saturn and its related aspects.   
In other words, transits such as those of Saturn have to be judged from several reference points and they elucidate distinct areas of life from various perspectives.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Aries Lagna:
For Aries Lagna, Saturn has been transiting the 8th House in Scorpio which forms Kantaka Shani and the period has not been good for the natives of this Lagna. Now, Saturn is moving to the 9th House from the Lagna which ends the 2 ½ years’ long transit of Saturn in the 8th House. For natives having Aries as the rising sign, or the Vedic Moon in the sign Aries, things do not improve significantly. Some areas show relief, such as debts and chronic illnesses, but Saturn in the 9th House will be adverse if the 9th House in the natal horoscope happens to be afflicted.
The 9th House relates to the father and the element of luck in life. Saturn can stress these areas during the transit if the Sun, and the relevant houses from the Sun, and the lord of the 9th House are afflicted in the natal horoscope. The transit can dent the optimism inherent in the natives of this sign.
Work projects begun during this transit may be adverse if matters relating to the profession and work are afflicted in the horoscope. Otherwise this area of life pertaining to beginning of new work assignments may not register too many changes for the worse. There will be a lot of cause for mental stress related to friends and/ or gains since Saturn aspects the 11th House from the Lagna. The 11th House can also indicate a person who is Priya or close to the heart of the native and the aspect of Saturn to this house can therefore bring emotional stress pertaining to a specific person in life.
The general results ascribed to the sojourn of the planet Saturn in the beginning of this paper apply with specific force to the natives of Aries Lagna since it is the natural Lagna of the Kalapurusha.
For this reason, Gemini being the natural 3rd House, as well as the 3rd House from Aries, suffers impurity of thought and intimate action owing to the pollution-inspiring aspect of Saturn to the sign and to the 3rd House. Communications can also suffer depending on the state of Mercury in the horoscope. Siblings can also register some of these adverse effects as they are also related to the 3rd House. Saturn, aspecting Virgo in the 6th House will be very severe on the enemies and people inimical to the native might end up being depressed during this transit of Saturn.
It will at the same time though keep the native embroiled in nuisance which is how the native comes to be concerned about the state of the enemy or one who is ill-disposed. Niggling health issues rather than chronic ones will also assail the native as Saturn is the significator for these and is aspecting the 6th House from which they emanate.
Things are very different though for the Aries Arudha Lagna. The reason is that Saturn is transiting the 9th House from the Arudha Lagna and unlike the 9th House from the Lagna, this is a Tamas Bhava, where a Tamas Graha like Shani does exceedingly well. In all areas of life the competitive spirit works to defeat the peers and to elevate the image, composed largely of manifest socio-economic realities. In sum, we can say that for the Aries Moon sign or Rashi, the intense mental and social problems encountered while Saturn was in Scorpio are now a thing of the past. Despite some tests and trials for Aries Lagna, it is Aries Arudha Lagna which truly benefits from this transit.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Taurus Lagna:
For Taurus Lagna, Shani moves to the 8th House, and on January 26, 2017 it joins a Marana Karaka Moon as well. The movement of Saturn in the 8th House creates problems with application of the self in the realm of work as Saturn aspects the 10th House from the Ascendant with its 3rd House aspect. It is also the 10th Lord who has gone to the 8th House. The transit of Saturn in the 8th House forms Kantaka or Ashtama Shani. Progress for persons of this Lagna during this transit will be slow and ponderous much like the gait of Shani.
Chronic health issues will crop up and will require elaborate attention. Old debts and investments which were not prudently made might come back to cause distress and may strain the liquidity available to the person owing to the 7th House aspect of the malefic on the 2nd House from the Lagna. Saturn works from a position of lack and wanting, and its aspect on the 2nd House could also make the native invest in activities which might not be good at least during the currency of the transit.
The aspect to the 2nd House from the Lagna or the Dhana Bhava might infuse the Taurus person with the feeling that the savings are not what they ought to be. This gives rise to that undesirable feeling of dissatisfaction with what one has. Also, the 10th House aspect of Saturn in transit goes to the 5th House of children and future planning, both areas now requiring great physical exertion and work. Matters of the heart are best kept in spic and span condition because Saturn will try and bring melancholy through less than appropriate conduct in this direction.
For people with Taurus Rashi or the Vedic Moon in Taurus this is Ashtam Shani proper, and opportunities in work shall be forthcoming only with great difficulty. The 8th House from the Moon is its Marana Karaka Sthana and with the planet of depression transiting this place, the despondency and depression ought to be taken care of and treated if required. At the very least, these should not be brushed under the carpet and some sort of release should be attempted in an informed manner. It depends a lot on whether the Moon in Taurus is conjoined planets, and suppose, Saturn is conjoined in the natal chart, then any planet here in the 8th from the Moon, has already been burnt to a crisp or in its Dasha, the person has seen some sort of excursion to a ghastly, ghostly place. The transit of Saturn here in such a scenario will not do anything because the purpose of Saturn has already been fulfilled. He is an old, austere man in the positive and if spiritual truth has been encountered and adhered to in some measure of strength then Saturn will not inflict needless suffering. Anyhow, these are again matters belonging to the somewhat higher flights of astrological dicta and teachings.
While readings from the natal Moon depict emotional and social realities, those from the Arudha Lagna will show financial and all other manifest events transpiring in life. Sometimes it is not incorrect to say that the Arudha Lagna and the houses reckoned therefrom are the only proper places from where experience and life on the planet can be properly judged. On that token, the transit of Saturn in the 8th House for the Taurus Arudha Lagna is not at all good. A natural malefic transiting the 8th from the AL will precipitate matters which are owed to others and the AL (you) cannot proceed further unless these are resolved. So the understanding should be, if you have the AL in Taurus that you are to let people have what is due them from you, and in the long run this will be very helpful to you quite apart from the fact that lawful dues are to be discharged in any case.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Gemini Lagna:
The placement of Mercury in the sign (ignoring the exchange for the moment) tells us that if this is the case in the nativity then Sagittarius would be the Paka Lagna or the sign of the placement of the Lagnesha. Now, not only is this the 7th House from the Lagna, but a place where the intelligence is consciously being applied. Such a person is either always interested in creating enterprise or relationships or both. The problem is that Budha is in Marana Karaka Sthana in the 7th House and the transit of Saturn over the Lagnesha in the 7th House might lead to some very ordinary decision-making. Some other developments pertaining to business or marriage, or matters in that direction might lead to some problems, whether Mercury is in the 7th in the given case, or not. Saturn transiting a quadrant from the Lagna will stress a major area of life. Kendra Bhavas show major areas of life and the malefic associating with these is not positive.
Dhanusha Rashi is also the Badhaka Sthana for the native of the Mithuna or the Gemini Lagna and the Badhaka effect could be triggered by the transit of Saturn through the Badhaka Sthana.
In the positive Saturn can make a person work hard with the scriptures and the religious texts when there is an aspect to the 9th House of Dharma but in the majority of the cases, especially owing to Mithuna Lagna rising, the aspect of Saturn to the house of religion, luck and higher learning will depress the indications and the native may become disenchanted with these matters. Similarly, if the natal parameters pertaining to the father were to be afflicted in the horoscope, then the aspect of Saturn to the 9th House could be injurious to, or to the relations with the father.
Whether Mercury is in the 7th House for any Mithuna Lagna chart or not, referring to the hypothesis above, the aspect of Saturn to the Lagna would ensure pressure coming to the intellect and to the life circumstance through some way or the other. There will be some greed for acquisition or aggrandizement of the self, and this may prove to be problematic later as the transit proceeds.
From the 7th House Kendra, Saturn also aspects the 4th House from the Lagna with its 10th House aspect and tries to take away the peace at home. There may be problems at home and even the more tolerable issues such as seepage, leakage and plumbing might require a lot of labour and expense to fix. If the heart has not been pure then Saturn will be quite testing in the 7th House. The hidden might be precipitated in the heart and if this is not correct or ethical then it will interfere with the Sukha or happiness in the heart and at home.
For the Gemini AL, Saturn will present a transient threshold which has to be crossed, and only then can the manifest image hope to find success during this transit. Generally a malefic in the 7th from the AL needs to be surmounted through the proper attitude before emergence can be expected.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Cancer Lagna:
For Cancer Lagna, the transit of Saturn in the 6th House is good because Saturn is the Karaka for this Bhava and tends to fight enemies and opposition. It tends to protect the longevity as well due to the aspect on the 8th House. Saturn is said to have the Amrita Drishti from the 6th House.
While it is good for locking horns with that which assails, the 6th House also houses the Shadripus or the six internal enemies some of which, depending on configurations in the natal horoscope, shall rise and shall have to be contended with. The other aspect of Saturn from its station in the 6th House is to the 12th House from the Lagna. Some expenses and personal matters may be triggered with this transit aspect. Saturn fortifies the 3rd House from the Lagna with its 10th House aspect and the Cancer individual will have thoughts which will be focussed on benefit to the self.
Those with the AL in Cancer have quite a different story unfolding. Readers will appreciate the note about internal enemies, and here the 6th House from the AL shows the external enemies and direct opposition to the native. Some very challenging situations can arise for those with the AL in Cancer with Saturn transiting the 6th from the AL. Vices and erroneous lifestyle choices will not be the least of the worries as the 6th House is very adverse for the image. If people have planets here then persons indicated by those planets can act against the interests of the individual of the Cancer AL.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Leo Lagna:
With Saturn in Scorpio, it had been transiting in the 4th House for Leo Lagna and creating despondency in the mind, and bringing about issues related to home, and property and space. The natives of Leo Lagna may have found themselves travelling through the terrain of life with a heavy heart as apart from its station in the 4th House, Saturn had been directly aspecting the 10th House, slowing down the work output and also bringing certain pressure and sluggishness on the working intellect due to the 10th House aspect on the Lagna itself.
Furthermore, the aspect to the 6th House would have brought about events approximating to the label of ‘general nuisance’ and life would have acted in opposition, or inimically for that reason from time to time. All this is set to change with Saturn moving to Sagittarius. While Saturn is still going to be in a trine from the Lagna, for both Leo Rashi and Leo Lagna natives, the semi-Kantaka Shani transit is over.
In the 5th House Saturn is not overly conspicuous and it will depend as to the Rashi and AL for a Leo Lagna native, to determine how this new transit shapes up. Children and future planning will definitely pressure the mind for the Leo Lagna natives. A matter of the heart in a personal relationship could require focus and attention. This is especially so since Saturn will aspect the 7th House from its location in the 5th House from the Lagna. There may be a clear link between the object of affection and the prospect of marriage. From the 5th House, Saturn aspects the 11th House and while there may be a desire for that special person or Priya it will also mean heightened expectations from friends in general.
The trigger to making merry (yes, making merry) comes from the 5th House aspect of Rahu from the Lagna to the transit Saturn for natives of Leo and in some cases even the wine of Varuni is not enough to quench their thirst. In other words there will be a thirst for enjoyment through the senses till this aspect persists in transit. There is a much-needed situational awareness though due to the Rashi Drishti or the sign aspect between Jupiter and Saturn which fosters perspective and brings the requisite awareness required to navigate through the aforesaid impulses.
Fundamentally, the Leo natives by and large might feel relief simply due to the absence of Saturn from a Kendra Bhava from the Lagna from where it was adversely impacting as many as three quadrants and thus tainting the life experience in general with melancholy, lack of speed and any element of frolic whatsoever.
For the native of the Leo AL, again, the transit is not good in itself and will need to be good from the Lagna and/or the Moon sign so as to deliver reasonable results. In the trine from the AL, Saturn is likely to precipitate issues in accordance with its core significations.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Virgo Lagna:
Saturn in Sagittarius will do for Virgo Lagna, what it had been doing for Leo Lagna in Scorpio. It will transit through the 4th House of emotions and the heart, home and mother, and peace and happiness and is likely to depress these significations. This applies equally to those with the natal Moon in Virgo. Needless to say, where the Lagna and the Rashi are the same, that is, the Moon is placed in the Udaya Lagna, these effects are more pronounced since they are replicated from two crucial reference points. The 7th House aspect to the 10th House forms Ardha-Kantaka, not supposed to be as dire as other transits of Saturn but it will still need to be dealt with and shall cause discomfiture.
Application (Lagna reference) and opportunity (Moon reference) in work (aspect to the 10th House) will activate the lesser emotions in the 4th House and will thus impact the 4-10 axis in this manner.
In our deeper work with individual charts in Vedic astrology, we frequently express the fact that Saturn is the worst planet for Virgo Lagna due to the purity-impurity paradox. With the special aspect going to the 6th House, and especially when the transit is commencing with Venus and Ketu in the 6th House with Venus quite vulnerable, Virgo would do well to not yield to some of the options that present themselves at the commencement of this Saturn transit.
Saturn does aspect the Lagna as well but Guru is placed in the Lagna with 100% Digbala ensuring that decision-making will be astute especially if Shiva worship is being done. As a corollary, Shiva worship may be required in order for decisions to be proper.
As for Virgo AL, it needs to be emphasised that Bhavas from the AL are quite visible and when Saturn transits the 4th House from the AL, the happenings at home will, for instance, will be well known to those in the social circle and this must be taken into account.
The conjunction of transit Mercury with Saturn once again reminds us that if the Lagnesh Mercury for Virgo Lagna were to be in the nativity, this would be a far more profound transit. For one, the great malefic would certainly be transiting over the Paka Lagna or the Lagnesh and therefore doubly impacting the circumstances of life, and the intelligence to boot. Such natives would do well to appreciate these facts during the coming transit because it appears to be a time of notable pressure. Adversity is going to be a recurring theme when we speak of Saturn, and to shy away from it would only be to our own detriment.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Libra Lagna:
Firstly, let us speak of the Libra Moon because as Saturn exits Scorpio, the 7 ½ years’ long torment of the Sade-Sati would have come to an end whereby the mind was pressured as regards intimacy, health and finances respectively.
With Saturn moving to Sagittarius, the long 7 ½ years’ impact of Saturn on the society of the native comes to an end and it moves to the 3rd House which being an Upacaya is better suited to house the malefic.
Likewise, Libra Lagna also enjoys the transit of Saturn in the 3rd House provided there are not many planets there to offset the benefits and also provided that it is not the AL or another conspicuous Bhava from the AL such as the 6th therefrom. Even otherwise, the 3rd from the Lagna is not immune to the effects of Saturn because this house can bring evil thoughts to the mind, pertaining to personal matters and even to siblings. In a similar vein, the impact from the other references should be construed by the discerning readers.
Saturn will aspect the 5th House from the Lagna, and like it does for Leo, can either bring issues pertaining to personal relationships, or to children or future planning. The aspect to the 9th House is not appreciated especially if the natal 9th House is afflicted. In either event, it will cause some sort of an Ashubha (inauspicious Yoga) as it aspects the house of luck and fortune with the 7th House aspect. The desires of Saturn should not associate with the 9th House which they are, during this transit. Like they do for Cancer, these desires associate with the 12th House and if the 12th House were to be afflicted then personal life can bear the brunt to a degree.   
If there is Rajayoga for the Libra AL promised in the horoscope then the transit of Saturn in the 3rd from the AL can trigger it or aid the manifestation if the time is otherwise ripe. Ethically, or from the viewpoint of the sage, this is not desirable, but in the Kaliyuga, in the realm of attainment, this transit can give tremendous drive for accomplishment.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Scorpio Lagna:
Before we speak of the Scorpio Lagna, we must speak of the Scorpio Rashi or of natives who have the natal Moon in Scorpio. The reason is quite simple. This is the first Rashi in chronological order which is subject to the Sade-Sati of Saturn. With the great malefic transiting to Sagittarius, the Sade-Sati enters its last phase of nearly 2 ½ years. During its transit in Scorpio, the natives of this Moon sign experienced a host of health issues because the Moon is a strong indicator of the physiology of the human being. Some had to be operated on and things of that nature also because Moon is debilitated in the sign Scorpio in any case and with Saturn transiting over a natal debilitated Moon, matters were made much worse.
This is now over the focus will now come to the finance for Scorpio Rashi as well as Scorpio Lagna. The 2nd House relates to liquidity and money and Saturn might stress these during its transit here.
Saturn aspects the 4th House for the Scorpio Lagna and Rashi people and home and happiness will be adversely impacted due to the mental stress and anxiety that pervade during this transit. The 2-8 axis is also directly influenced and debts and bad investments could mark the transit. This is supported by the fact that the 11th House from the Lagna is also aspected by the 10th House planetary aspect of Saturn.
For the Scorpio Arudha as well, the transit cannot be said to be good because the available and visible support to the quality of life shall be quite evidently under stress from Saturn.  The 2nd Bhava from the AL does not really benefit from the presence of Saturn which attempts to infuse poverty and lack where there should be wealth and abundance. Lifestyle choices will also come in sharp focus and it should be carefully decided what is to be consumed and what not, else that too might be a subject of concern in the coming years during this transit.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Sagittarius Lagna:
Once again it is the Sagittarius Rashi, or people with the Moon in Sagittarius in the natal horoscope, who must be our focus to begin with because this sign will face the white-hot core of the Saturn transit on and around the natal Moon. The natives of Sagittarius Rashi have been going through the Sade-Sati with Saturn transiting the 12th House from the natal Moon and asking uncomfortable questions about the personal relationships and marriage. If the questions have not been answered to the satisfaction of Saturn, then these aforementioned areas in life might develop fissures and cracks.
With the malefic now transiting the natal Moon itself, the natives of Sagittarius Moon sign will feel the dross the Karma burning which, conventionally, is not always an easy process, even though tremendously life-furthering in terms of personal growth. Shani has come to the head of such persons, bringing forth the dirt and pollution of Karma to bear on the person, his relationships, his social interaction and his very being itself. This is not an easy time, with a great pressure being exerted on the mind of the individual forcing him to outgrow that in the personality which is no longer required so as to traverse the remaining life journey with increased spirituality, or to dispense with that which is an impediment in the process of self-realisation.
If there are several planets in Sagittarius for the Dhanusha Rashi native, along with, of course, the Moon, then the significations of those planets must also be similarly cleansed and the less spiritual inclinations rubbished. In the alternative, it is easy to succumb to the pressure and let the base nature take over in which case Saturn will find fertile ground to which he shall take his unsuspecting victim.
People scoff at those who are seemingly lying around and sleeping away in such onerous phases in life, but this is far better than to succumb to the serious pressures of Shani and indulge in bad Karma instead. Inaction is better than poor action in many instances. Sloth and inactivity can be an indication of a relatively better Saturn in the nativity during such times.
Dhanusha Lagna also suffers from such a brain freeze, as it were, with Marana Karaka Saturn transiting the Lagna and self-expression, siblings, and desire for intimacy all become coloured with this transit. The direct aspect goes to the 7th House where the pollution of a less than normal mindset might vitiate the marriage or the attitude to intimacy.
The social opportunity in work (for Rashi) and the application in work (Lagna) suffer due to the kick of Saturn to the 10th House from the respective reference points.
The people with the Arudha Lagna in Sagittarius also feel the brunt of the transit because Saturn is fundamentally opposed to the precipitate and luminous nature of the Arudhas. Saturn is too deprived and shy to shine and therefore adversely impacts all Arudhas without exception. Unless other factors were to offset this, the transit of Saturn through the Arudha Lagna might be injurious for the image and reputation in the world. When we speak of the Arudha Lagna, we impliedly speak of all the Arudha Padas of all the houses from the Lagna, since the Arudha Lagna is but the Arudha Pada of the Udaya Lagna.
The point is that of Sagittarius houses another conspicuous Arudha Pada including or apart from the Arudha Lagna, then the Saturn transit through the sign might be legitimately expected to test the significations of the same.
Need we stress that this is a Kantaka Shani as well since it aspects the 10th House from the Arudha Lagna and therefore not just the image and social and financial personality, but the way his work is perceived by others also becomes a topic of discussion.
For such natives remedies become important and for those who are even otherwise running difficult times in the horoscope, serious attention to the horoscope by competent persons is both warranted and desirable.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Capricorn Lagna:
Capricorn or Makara Rashi commences its Sade-Sati with the entry of Saturn in the sign Sagittarius and thereby begin their period of alienation, both physical and figurative. For the Makara Rashi it is the personal life which is most impacted and for the Lagna the effects seep into the financial worth. Inimical tendencies sprout in life due to the aspect to the 6th House and illness, financial stresses and adversaries abound during this transit. The 10th House aspect of Saturn goes to the Bhagya Sthana and is stressful for that reason.
Father, luck and fortune could all be areas under the gaze of Saturn in accordance with the principles stated in this paper above at the relevant places.
Capricorn Arudha, with Rajayoga in the nativity and approaching the time for its fructifications, could find this an ideal time to garner popular support and close functionaries who further the prospects with their tireless labour and exertions.
Impact of the Saturn Transit on Aquarius Lagna:
Though Aquarius (and Capricorn for that matter) are lorded by Saturn, fundamentally the working of Saturn is not altered by this fact. The 3rd House aspect of Saturn comes to this very Karmic sign and imbues the intelligence and the mind, and overall life circumstances as well, with tension and stress.
The 5th House of future planning, progeny and the Citta (consciousness) all seek transformation with the desires of Saturn causing a change in the scenario in all these realms.
The 10th House aspect of Saturn goes to the 8th House from the Lagna and again creates problems with health and unforeseen issues cropping up.
Matters are not dire for the Aquarius Arudha Lagna though with Saturn being in the 11th House therefrom and supporting the gains in structured, measures ways.

Impact of the Saturn Transit on Pisces Lagna:
Meena Rashi and Lagna suffer from Kantaka Shani as Saturn transits through the 10th House from the references and stresses the work situation: its availability and performance both.
Pisces is disturbed in personal life and at home as well. Home, properties and happiness, the matters signified by the 4th House will require attention depending on their lords and significators in the natal horoscope and the divisional charts.
Three quadrants are impacted by the transit of Saturn in Sagittarius for Pisces, and the 10th House kick of transit Saturn goes to the 7th House: marriage and partnerships in business bear the brunt of this and people of this sign would be well-advised to exercise caution in these areas of life assailed by Saturn.
Things are equally bad, if not worse, for the Pisces AL because these difficulties are not just at the subtle, metaphysical levels of the Bhavas from the Lagna, or the emotional boundaries of the Rashi, but are in the manifest domain, and in clear view. Accept the slowing down of matters in the professional or the business realm and try and find out through the adept whether these are transitory problems or whether there is something more to them at other levels of the charts as well.
Other Depths:
As one mentions every now and then, simply in the terrain of the signs and in the texture of the personalities of the Grahas great depths exist within the framework of the divine art of Vedic astrology, some of which are traversed in private consulting.

While there is no doubt that the transits of major planets like Saturn have a huge impact of the affairs of human beings, the art of Vedic astrology is far too intricate and complex to stop just here. As is well known, almost all major classical texts start with the humble prayer that the text in question may serve as a vehicle or boat with which to attempt to cross the vast ocean of Jyotisha. Actually, one lifetime is not enough and the Karma must come strongly from the previous lifetimes in order for one to truly dive for jewels in this magical, yet directly practical and pragmatic landscape.
Therefore, it is through the elaborate works composed for persons in diverse climates across the world, that the real consequences of the Karmic configurations in the horoscope, and their expression in life through propensities, possibilities, manifest events, persons and places, achievements and setbacks et al are studied individually. This is the domain of personal and confidential consulting undertaken at this resource by the author.
We do know that contemporary life is marked by great uniqueness in the lives of individuals and even body corporate spread across the world and this speciality of circumstance and realities existing in life are studied in each case in personal consulting. The adept keeper of the astrological wisdom and traditions is required then to act as a conductor, bridge or conduit between the eternal metaphysical captured in the dicta of the sages in the numerous classics in India, and the rich tapestry of the life topography of people so as to give direct rationale, solutions, and maps for future navigation, amongst other things, to the seeker.
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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Policy Decision to Withdraw Denominations of INR 500 & INR 1000 by the Central Government of India

On November 8, 2016, in the evening, a decision taken by the Central Government of India, in consultation with the Reserve Bank of India, to withdraw denominations of INR 500 and INR 1000 was made public through television media.

The reasons, amongst others, which have been given, are that these denominations are used to finance terrorist activity through corersponding counterfeit currency, and hence the decision; also that these larger denominations are also used to carry out transactions in the parallel economy of black money, and hence the decision.

In Vedic astrology, currency notes are governed by Mercury (Budha). Let us see the transit chart for the time that this decision was made public which is given below:

We can see that Mercury is extremely weak primarily due to its location at the end of the sign Libra, in Rashi Sandhi. It is joined a debilitated Sun in Libra.

Due to the Parivartana Yoga between the two dire malefics Saturn and Mars, Saturn is virtually as if it were in Capricorn and Mars is virtually as if it were in Scorpio. The address of the Prime Minister made it clear that the decision was taken for the poor citizen of India who transacts mostly through the lower denominations and also to curb the insidious effect of the motives that constitute the parallel economy.

The move is likely to cause a great deal of upheaval in India as Mercury will continue to be weak for some time till it crosses Sandhi in Scorpio. Also, Mars afflicts Mercury greatly and in Scorpio both the deep and as yet unclear ramifications of the move will be rendered clear as Scorpio pertains to that which is hidden. Also, it is possible that Scorpio might unravel some of the other motives or guiding thoughts which have led to this decision.

For instance, sample notes of the denomination of INR 2000 were shown during the telecast which are double the value of the INR 1000 note which has been withdrawn as legal tender and so the argument cannot simply be that it is the size of the legal tender which causes trouble. There are questions about the volumes of circulation of the currency notes of higher denominations and it is yet unclear as to when they would be available in sufficient measure as required in legitimate transactions such as withdrawals from the banks.

The debilitation of the Sun (political power, government at the helm) is a concern because a planet in debilitation is at its weakest. In a week's time the ruling Sun will be out of debility and that might create a different prism through which these matters are viewed.

Mars and Saturn are also highly inimical and the exchange is tenuous to say the least. Mars is the significator for litigation and it is not inconceivable that struggles in Court may ensue in order to evaluate the overall soundness of the scheme or policy. Needless to say, the government of a nation can devise economic policy as it deems fit but if on reflection it is found that arbitrariness has presented itself in some manner, then it might render the decision amenable to judicial review.

Jupiter in the sign of Mercury, the Karaka for currency, shows that it is a laudable and elevated thought intended to prevent misuse of the legal tender which has guided the decision, and therefore that the ethical philosophy behind the decision is conceptually sound. It is the presence of the other preceptor Venus in a sign of Jupiter which gives reason to be more circumspect as Venus is not entirely confortable with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is war and Venus representing the nation state leads to a war on a certain kind of wealth (Jupiter Rashi) in the interest of the country. We cannot forget to see the planetary aspect of Rahu on Venus though which clearly shows that political considerations are very much a factor in the decision-making. Sagittarius is also the sign of debility of Rahu.

It is the weakness of the Sun which might pose issues regarding the soundness of the decision at the level of government policy which is likely to have very far-reaching consequences.

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Monday, October 10, 2016

Positions of Planets in Vedic Astrology in October, 2016

As we take stock of the current Vedic Astrology planetary placements in October, 2016, there are many heartening aspects which emerge from this study. Feedback from across the world reveals that people have hitherto largely been in the waiting mode, so to speak, and rightly so.
We were all battling the emergence of some hidden Karma in the past with the Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio; being the 8th sign of the natural zodiac, Scorpio can always be counted on to reveal Karmic surprises and in this instance it was the Yama Yoga of the two dire malefics, which are also inimical to each other which brought about major stresses and conflicts in life. The struggle which is precipitated by the animosity of the planets and the field of play furnished by Scorpio often mimics a life-and-death battle in many ways. With Mars proceeding to friendly Sagittarius and Saturn being left to his own devices, this direct conflict has abated though Saturn continues to bring out past Karma slowly and ponderously with the aim of bringing about requisite transformations in the lives of people.  
For all practical matters in this life, Mercury is one of the most important planets in the Vedic horoscope. Irrespective of the Lagna rising in the Rashi Chart, Mercury is very crucial when it comes to interaction and communication with those around us, our work and careers, the monetary aspect of matters, currency, learning and being awake to the prospect of learning, rationality, all transactional work, currency, trade and commerce, our cousins within the family and a host of such overarching significations that have great importance in our contemporary lives.
Mercury in the past had retrograded to Leo where it joined Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, and while this in itself is enigmatic, leading to brain activity which might now confound those who have been observing this in the past, the main facet was the exchange between the Sun and Mercury. Mercury was in Leo ruled by the Sun and Sun was in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. One might think that this would lead to Sun acting with great strength in Leo and Mercury doing the same but the fact of the matter is that handshakes between those who are not fast friends often harbour hidden agendas. The understanding was tenuous and fraught with danger, also given the proximity of Rahu to the Parivartana Yoga.
However, all this has now abated with the planets changing positions and the chart depicting the planetary positions at this time in October, 2016 are given below-

We find that the fire of Mars is nicely tempered by the knowledge and domain-expertise of Sagittarius and instead of our impulses flashing about here and there, the ambition and drive will be focussed and filtered through that which we have mastered. This is especially positive for those who have either assimilated the lessons of Jupiter in some way or other. It is also directly relevant for those who are working in the realms of Jupiter which basically translates to all intellectual professions. In particular, professors, teachers, lawyers, finance professionals, investment bankers, spiritual practitioners, judges might find that much-needed energy to strongly express that which they know well.
Venus had been debilitated in Virgo earlier and with this our social connections and aesthetics suffered. Sometimes depending on configurations in a given horoscope, Venus significations can go into overdrive and become commonplace since Venus is fallen in Virgo. This less than desirable impact of the transit has now changed to a far more positive one with Venus working to let us do the same from its station in Libra: people are now free to connect with their better halves, partners and spouses and are willing to work on the relationship. Also, people in corporate environments, working with the biological sciences, chemicals and the beauty industry will find the circumstances far more conducive than they have been in the recent past. This is a good time to forge personal bonds as the true foundation can be laid by a strong Venus, without the more pedestrian influences interfering.
It is the conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Sun in Virgo which holds centre-stage at this time. Mercury is exalted in Virgo which basically means that all the significations mentioned above and others that Mercury holds in its domain prosper. Suddenly our expression attains new heights. We are delighted by our friends and are happy to be in their company. Jokes and witticisms abound.
The desire and ability to work and achieve elevated results from those exertions all manifest themselves in affirmative proportion at this time. The success in enterprise is guaranteed by Jupiter to all in general due to its association, altered and modified only by what might be happening in a given person’s own life as regards the Karma.  
This is a tremendous opportunity for striving for growth. There is every intellectual resource available due to the Budha-Aditya Yoga and ever possibility of success in any work undertaken due to the conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury, two great natural benefics.
There is certainly a possibility of deceit from someone who has an exploitative nature but this dampener is outweighed by the fact that our propensity to push the limits can also be used to change the very landscape in which we work.
In Vedic astrology, at this level of working with the dicta of the ancient sages, we are able to pierce the opaque veil of Kaliyuga and find with precision the specific contours of Karma in all areas of our complex contemporaneous lives. Transits are but a general survey of the energies that percolate at a given time. The personal study of lives through the horoscopes of individuals is an exercise at an utterly different level of spiritual focus and concentration, albeit to illuminate all pragmatic and metaphysical facets of a given life.
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